Feeder Eater 2019, Steel, Bird Seeds, Nylons, Oil on Steel, 60in. x 36in x 4in. (153cm x 91cm x 10cm)

Her Weight, 2018-2019, Steel, Drawing, Glass, Magnets, Dried Flower, Tights, Chalk, Charcoal, 60in. x 35.5in x 3in (153cm x 90.5cm x 7.5cm)

Draw A Quart Throw Out the Rest, 2018-2019, Steel, Rope, Dried Flowers,
60in. x 35.5in. x 3in. (153cm x 90.5cm x 7.5cm)

Willow Bucket, 2018-2019, Steel, nylon, oil on steel, 60in. x 35.5in. x 7in. (153cm x 90.5cm x 18cm)

Two and Fro 2018-2019, Steel, oil on steel, 27in. x 19in. x 4in.
(69cm x 48cm x 10cm)

Pendulum & Mallet, 2018, Steel, wood and rope, 30in. x 23in. x 5in.
(76cm x 58cm x 13cm)

Bait and Hook, 2018, steel, brass, 5in. x 4in. x 2in. (12.7cm x 10cm x 7.5cm)

Whistleblower, 2018, Steel, 39.8in. x 4.1in. x 3.4in. (101cm x 10.5cm x 8.6cm)

Duster, 2018, Cement, ceramic, wood, broomhead, 9in. x 8in. x 21in.
(23cm x 20cm x 53cm)

Postanthropocentric Creation of a New Pan-Humanity, 2018, Steel,
18.375in x 14.4in (47cm x 36.5cm)