A Worker’s Pantry @ Crutch CAC
May 24 - June 30

Chamber No. 1, Steel, Birdseed, 118” x 142” x 84” ( 300cm x 361cm x 213cm)

The Shirt Off My Back, 2019, Steel, Shirt, Dried Flora, 16.25in x 12.165in. ( 41cm x 31cm)

No Longer A Home, 2019, Birds Nest, Mud, Charcoal, 7in. x 10in x 5in. (18cm x 25cm x 13cm)

A Worker’s Throne, 2019, Steel, Charcoal, Quail Eggs, 42in. x 16in. x 16in. (107cm x 41cm x 41cm)

A Mile..., 2019, Charcoal, Nylons, Shoes, 5in. x 9in. x 40in. (13cm x 23cm x 102cm)

A Reminder, 2019, Steel, Note on Paper, Quail Eggs, 16.25in. x 12.165in. (41cm x 31cm)

catastrophe lies before us,
then it flows from what’s come before1

deep beside my swim in you
eyes, hollow,
trees, crimson,
cast into night,

beneath the wind,
hand, us

I melt waving
to dawns of terrible swans
sticks drumming in my bone2

1 T. J. Demos, “To Save a World: Geoengineering, Conflictual Futurisms, and the Unthinkable” e-flux journal #94 October 2018

2 Veronika Ivanova, my swim in you (2019)